Alkaline Water Ionizer WIZ.on – 5000


Features of ‘WIZ.on-5000’ Water Ionizer

  • Easy filter exchange by front door
  • Energy saver, no stand-by electric consumption by SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply)
  • Stable performance under any water quality level by SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply)
  • Increasing life span of electrode by A Cell Technology(Automatic Cross Cleaning System)
  • Supporting 5 languages
  • Good ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
    – Other products : -200mV~-300mV
    – WIZ.on-5000 : Max.-800mV

Product Description

  • It purifies and ionises water, producing a healthy anti-oxidant water. It was designated as a medical device by Korean FDA. The alkaline ionized water has a high concentration of minerals, making it beneficial to the human body.
  • Usage of alkaine water : Drinking water, healthy water, mineral water
  • Usage of acidic water : Sanitizing water, removing pesticide of fruit.

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Product Description


Category WIZ.on-5000
Water supply Water service series
Voltage AC 100~240V, 48~63Hz, SMPS Free Volt
Power consumption 170 VA
Size of main body 385㎜(H)×284㎜(W)×134㎜(D)
Weight of main body Gross weight 5kg, Net weight 4 kg
Operation method Connecting to tap water, Continuing operation, One-touch Switch/td>
Temperature of source water 4 ~ 55℃
Available water pressure 0.5~ 6Kg/㎤
Production amount Max. 3ℓ/min (alkali water 2 ℓ/min)
Electrolyte method 4 phases of alkali water pH 8.5~10.0, 2 phases of acid water, 1 phase of purified water
Cleaning method Automated cleaning
Filter longevity Filter 1-4 months, Filter 2 – 8 months
Filter material HDPP, Carbon block, Activated Carbon Granular, Sediment, Calcium Sulfite,
Anti-bacterial Ceramic, Anion Ceramic
Protection system Fuse 3A, bimetal, built-in temperature sensor
Features color LCD display
SMPS Power Supply
Supporting 5 language
water qualities in 7 levels


Patented multi-layer filter structure


Purify Media Function
Filter1 1. High Density Felt Film Remove rust, sediment and dust
2. Carbon block Removes chemical material such as chlorine, phenol and Trihalomethane
3. Activated Carbon Granular Removes/Absorbs chemical material such as chlorine, phenol and Trihalomethane
4. Sediment Removes rust,sediment and floating matter (over 3µ)
Filter2 5.High Density Felt Film Remove rust, sediment and dust
6. Calcium sulfite Removes residual chlorine and supply essential mineral
7. Anti Bactria Ceramic Disinfection of harmful microorganism such as E.Coil and removes heavy metal
8. Activated Carbon Granular Removes/Absorbs chemical material such as chlorine, phenol and Trihalomethane
9. Anion Ceramic Add refreshing water taste through mass discharge od anion
10. High Density Felt Film Remove rust,sediment and dust

Electrolysis Cell, the core part of Water ionizer

Unique cleaning process of WIZ.on-5000
  • Automatic reversing change and flow way
  • Double Cross Auto Cleaning without waiting time
  • No Scale

Use of Controller / Indicator


Is there proof or scientific evidence of alkaline water benefits?

Alkaline ionized water is an incredibly healthy component of diet as it is reduced through electrolysis and contains many more active hydrogen molecules –ORP than regular water. It also contains smaller water clusters of 4 to 6 molecules instead of 12 to 14 molecules per cluster as found in bottled water. These properties allow alkaline ionized water to act as a strong and effective antioxidant by detoxifying the cells in your body through the neutralization of free radicals. Before you continue reading there are some clarifications that must be made.

Alkaline Water – Alkaline water is any water that has a PH above 7.0. You can add baking soda to tap water or bottled water to make it alkaline. You make water alkaline in “Natural Processes” by adding alkaline minerals to the water.

Alkaline Ionized Water – Alkaline ionized water is created by water ionizers in a process called water electrolysis. This process occurs inside the electrolysis chamber of the water ionizer machine.

You must understand that there are no health benefits to drinking alkaline water.

Because alkaline water is not alkaline ionized water!

“Ionized” is what makes alkaline water and alkaline ionized water two completely different things. “Alkaline Water” and “Alkaline Ionized Water” are used interchangeably and are easily made confuse to the uneducated consumer. This “Natural” alkaline water only has a higher PH and this is not what gives the water its health benefits.

In many medical studies, the water is called reduced water or electrolyzed reduced water. This means the water was created by an electrical process called ionization or water electrolysis. Sellers of “Natural” alkaline water filters will tell you that the water from water ionizers is “Artificial” because it uses this process to create the alkaline ionized water and that this is harmful. This however is untrue, in all the medical research studies the health benefits are ONLY derived from alkaline ionized water. What they are selling is a filter which adds minerals to the water, which only raises the PH of water, just like adding baking soda to the water. There are no health benefits in “Alkaline Water” made in this way.
As indicated in the below research studies, the health benefits of alkaline water are only present when the water had been ionized and gone through the process of water electrolysis. This is what happens inside the electrolysis chamber of your alkaline water ionizer machine. The Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) or Reduced Water (RW) or Alkaline Ionized Water (AIW) are all the same thing just different names. Only Alkaline Ionized Water created by the process of the water electrolysis from your water ionizer will have the following 3 properties which lead to the health benefits:

  1. –ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential –ORP is measure of the waters concentration of antioxidant hydroxyl ions which aid the body in neutralizing free radicals. Negative ORP values are present in fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in high concentrations. This is a source of some of their antioxidant benefits and if you know someone who is into “juicing” this is the reason why they will drink the juice derived from juicing fruits and vegetables immediately because the -ORP value will evaporate relatively quickly (in a matter of hours) if it is left out exposed to Oxygen in the air.
  2. Micro-clusters – Only electrolyzed reduced water or alkaline ionized water has the smaller water clusters. These are only achieved by the process of water electrolysis and there is no other man made way to create this effect. In nature micro-clustering occurs when electrical current is induced into water. This happens at the base of a water fall or when lightning strikes water.
  3. Higher PH – The alkaline minerals in the source water are concentrated in the Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water, this is what gives it a higher PH. This is completely natural, the alkaline water machine separates the alkaline and acidic minerals in the source water and you end up drinking less of the acidic minerals in the alkaline ionized water, that is how the higher PH is created, by the removal of the acidic minerals. This is why if you have acidic source water of a PH of 5.0 to 6.0 it is best to add alkaline minerals to the water with a re-mineralization filter before the water enters the water ionizer machine. You could just keep adding alkaline minerals to raise the PH of the water, and indeed this is what the sellers of so called “Natural” alkaline water filters are selling you. But you will not get any health benefits from drinking this “Natural” alkaline water because it is only water which has minerals dumped into it, like adding baking soda to water, it does not possess the –ORP or the micro-clusters, no matter what they may tell you.


Science Behind the Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Because alkaline ionized water contains so many active hydrogen molecules, it is able to act as a powerful antioxidant that searches out and destroys free radicals, called reactive oxygen species (ROS). These ROS are created by many of the metabolic and digestive processes in our bodies. As they travel throughout the body, they can damage cells and DNA, leading to many diseases and cancers. The formation rate of diseases such as ulcers, cancers, and diabetes are encouraged or increased by this damage. When the hydrogen molecules of alkaline ionized water search out and neutralize these harmful free radicals, they help to prevent and lower the risk level of developing many of these diseases.

Alkaline Water Benefits for people living with Cancer

One of the major health benefits of alkaline ionized water is its ability to destroy and/or inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and inhibit the formation of new cancers in the body. This ability has been demonstrated in a number of studies, not all of them listed here. For instance, one medical study revealed that alkaline ionized water, or reduced water, contributed toward the death of leukemia cells. There is also evidence that alkaline ionized water can slow the growth of tumors by preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed the tumors. Another research study discovered that alkaline ionized water can help to prevent the multiplication of cancer cells.

Anti-Diabetic Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

There have also been a number of scientific studies that indicate that alkaline ionized water may be effective in preventing and reversing diabetes. For instance, one medical study found that alkaline ionized water helped to improve glucose levels and glucose tolerance in both Type 1 diabetic and Type 2 diabetic mice. Another research study credited alkaline ionized water’s ability to destroy ROS with helping to prevent the type of cell damage in the pancreas that can lead to diabetes. A third study came to a similar conclusion: Alkaline ionized water protects the cells in the pancreas from ROS damage that can lead to diabetes. A fourth scientific study has found that adding alkaline ionized water to one’s regular diet can lower not only glucose levels, but also other important indicators of health, such as triglyceride and total cholesterol levels.

Prevention of Other Diseases

Because alkaline ionized water acts as an antioxidant and removes ROS from the body, it can also play a role in the prevention of aging. It does so by preventing the cell damage that leads to the physiology of aging. There is also evidence that alkaline water can play a role in the prevention of other diseases and problems caused by free radicals, such as Parkinson’s disease, ulcers, arteriosclerosis, and certain degenerative problems affecting the retina of the eye.

Improved Hydration due to smaller Water Clusters

Finally, electrolyzed reduced drinking water provides improved hydration for those who drink it. As mentioned earlier, ionized water consists of smaller groups of molecules than does regular tap water. As a result, these smaller groups of molecules are more quickly and easily absorbed into cells of the body. This water which is ionized and which also contains ionized minerals like calcium and magnesium provides faster and more efficient hydration and nutrient absorption than does regular un-ionized water sources.

This is more than just a better-tasting drinking water. It also provides health benefits and disease-fighting capabilities that you cannot find in ordinary un-ionized types of water. Adding these alkaline ionized water benefits to your diet, will help to keep you as healthy and disease-free as possible. By being better hydrated you will sleep more restfully and your body will function more efficiently. The human body is approximately 70% water by weight. Improving this single most important nutrient benefits every single cell within the human body.

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